Children’s Thanksgiving Table

I’m glad that around my house, Thanksgiving is served about mid-afternoon. Gives me more time to get all the goodies ready. But if you have little ones, it can seem like forever to them waiting on the meal. So, try setting them their own table. Above you will see some things to put at each setting.

First off, cover their table with just a plain, white disposable tablecloth. Then at each setting, put crayons, beads, string, children’s scissors, pencils, for the older ones a card to write what they are thankful for, maybe some small scraps of construction paper, and just let them be creative. They can draw and color directly onto the table cloth. This will keep them busy while you are actually dishing up and serving. It will also give them something to be proud of that they contributed to the Thanksgiving dinner.

Always keep the children in mind. They are greatest resource and our future. Give them a reason to be proud of themselves. Let them express themselves. You’ll have a wonderful Thanksgiving and so will they.


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