Hi everyone. I apologize for not posting in last couple days. Those of you who follow me, know I’m fixing to be a new grandma very, very soon. A few issues last day or two, but all is well and baby is still on track to be here before Christmas.

Now, on with the quilt?

You should have your 3″x3″ squares cut out of the corners of the 15″x15″ squares by now.

Next, you want to cut strips about 1/2″ wide along one edge. The easiest way to do this is to place two big squares wrong side to wrong side and cut two at a time.


Next, with the two squares wrong side to wrong side, start tying the strips together (one from top square and one from bottom square).



When you lay them out flat it should look like the following picture:


You want to do this until you have 4 squares across and 6 squares down.

This will actually create the top of the quilt.

Next step  will be sandwiching everything together.

Stay tuned for the sandwiching.



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