Finishing the No Sew Quilt


Kind of looks like a hot mess right now! But bare with me. It really turned out cute, and my daughter loves it.

By now you should have your quilt top that looks somewhat like this mess in the picture.


Your quilt top should measure approximately 36″ x44″. It is handmade and tied, so measurements will vary slightly. Sandwich quilt backing first, then quilt top, then batting on top. Trim the backing to the same size of quilt top. The batting should be trimmed 3″ in from edge of quilt, so it will not be caught up in the tying of the edges of quilt.  The quilt backing and top will be turned right sides together. Pin the layers together in three or four places, mainly corners. Then you will flip enclosing the batting between the two quilt layers. I know this may sound a little confusing, but trust me, it works. Then make your cuts from all edges in 3″ (width is your discretion). Tie all edges together.

Next, you will take the strips that you saved from the beginning, (strips should be about 1/8 ” by 9″), thread through a darning (large eye) needle, and in each square poke the strip in from the front to back, then back up to top and tied.  Your quilt is finished!

It’s really not as hard as it sounds, once you get it going. It’s such a rewarding feeling when finished. The whole time I worked on this quilt, I had a smile on my face to know that my grand daughter will be sporting this quilt around town. It was made to take with her in her car seat and stroller. So go ahead, try it for someone you love.


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